Got croppers creepin on my nine and the bojangle boogie.

Flicker flak on my jacket.
He wouldn’t jack it from me would he?

Spiders nest under my eyes, because they stopped spinning webs.

Now, my nerves catch flies and moths and then die, whilst consuming insects at the very same time.

Darling you look dashing. You’ve got pelvic bones for smashing.

Lick an eyelid with a soup spoon, gritty bitty. Never met a man with hands made from monkey hands.

Don’t stare at the moon. It could hurt. Thick hair through your follicles should collect the dirt.

Dirk dik dack, you can’t go back. I’ve got ten to one odds on the odds being stacked.

Catch a rainbow with a bubble gun crush harp. Never trust a weeble not to wobble and you’ll live long.

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