Trump Jr’s Allowance Cut in Half for Not Wearing a Red Tie. Eric Still Daddy’s ‘Lil Bitch.

One naughty boy may not be getting any coal this Christmas. For Donald Trump Jr. that is actually a bad thing. For all members of the Trump flock, rewards are divvied up according to how in line their actions line up with their father’s wishes. While Eric continues to be the apple of his eye, Ivanka remains the sparkle in it when he’s “taking a long shower”, and Donald Jr. remains sidelined. The young men were given simple instructions- “wear a red tie like mine.” Eric has obliged and he continues to receive his allowance of $65,000 a week, Jr. however, had his cut down to a mere $32,500. Eric is also rumored to receive a large stake in Trump’s existing stock holdings in the Coal industry, when a government regulation will inevitably require that he relinquish any financial holdings that could conflict with his decision-making as President. For what is perhaps a first in American history, coal for Christmas could actually turn into a lucrative gift.

-Contributed by Jackie Coime