Ever in a Heart

Ever in a heart, always in a beat
Two cubes and neat
Im a long ways away from home
May I stay here, I’m all alone now
Don’t let anyone see

There’s a poison in my drink that
Is going to kill me
I take a smoke with my drink then
I exhale
Everything that I have ever nightmared
And dreamed to go
Now you know
All gone

As I breathe, I feel the cancer
Is this the answer?
Riddled soul with innards so cold
I say
Stay down, you don’t want the mess
What’s left?
Tell me, I’m at a loss
I have lost myself somewhere along the way

I believe it occurred some time ago
It hurts to recall
And it never gets too far from my mind
At night sometimes
I welcome death
I cry, you never did belong here
So don’t be

And I pull at skin
I look to a bottle
With this, I’ve wasted so many years
And I fall farther away
I sink
Far away
To a place less clear
Just another night
Soon forgotten and gone
Love and