The Sea

Every day
And every night
A vigil held
By candlelight

Flicker the flames
Dim to bright
Like dying stars
Still shine at night

Like whispering winds
In days of spring
Cries like birds
And other things

Looks like kings
Before they fall
Forever after
After all

Whom be the bell
For which to ring
Or ballad for
The band to sing

Like hesitation
Winter waivers
Or condemnation
Autumn favors

Hath architeuthis entangled me?

Carried leagues
below the sea
For last of land
I may have seen

Take my dying breath for me

For land
For days
I haven’t seen
Nor fruit
Or flower

Take my dying breath for me

For life
For death
On mezzanine
Marine demise
Or kerosene
A sweeter fall
Be nectarine
Then befelt
Whilst never seen
The torrid call
Of sibylline
As sea claims
And less of me

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