Cause and Affect

Ask an old man what he wanted out of life. He will likely tell you that he found it years ago. He may not have, but he’s told himself the same story for years and so he firmly believes that he achieved his goals however big or small they may be. Ask a young man the same question and he may speak of dreams and aspiration- larger than life expectations. Then, we meet in the middle at an age where we fall between young and old, and you can ask that question to the man in the middle of the road. He can only answer truthfully one of two ways: I don’t want anything out of life, or I am working hard to get more. They are the same answer. This is because there comes a devine moment in our lives when one realizes that despite our struggles and our focus on a brighter future that the clearest of days is when we don’t seek anything from our work. For we are vessels of our acquired character. We need not preoccupy ourselves with any labors, but the labors of love. When we embrace our mortality, but refuse to accept the definition of our humanity, we are free and we have all that we seek. This mindset sets the few apart from the many. While they claw to the top, we can repose in the middle- exactly as we should- Reserved and sincere, thusly immune to the temptation of affect; inclined to better understand our actions and effect.

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