Officer with Small Dick Assaults a Beautiful Woman That Has Faced Hardships He Will Never Understand


Well, if you want to spend time with your family this Christmas, don’t be black and don’t live in Texas. If it weren’t for the extreme availability of digital cameras built into nearly every cell phone, the Craig family from Ft. Worth, may have spent their Christmas in the old gray bar motel. Fortunately, the incident was streamed and quickly gained steam through social media. The white officer refused to comment, this is likely because his dick is the width of a candy cane and the length of a decorative light bulb, however this cannot be confirmed. He refused to comment on the incident, as well as the dimensions of his mistletoe. Well, from the video, we can see clearly that the officer had his own “naughty list” preconceived before arriving on scene; the family was horribly mistreated, while actually reporting an assault on their son. When Officer Stub Dick does the opposite of what he’s sworn to do, and proceeds to escalate the situation. Apparently, he did not check twice, because the footage clearly depicts Deputy Stereotypical Power Trip arguing with Ms. Craig about how to be a parent- a job usually reserved for that bitch Karen from reception.

-Contributed by Jackie Coime

In the spirit of the holidays (and to wrap things up on a lighter note) we’ve put together a little playlist, for your listening pleasure. Simply, click the image below to enjoy our “Civil Disobedience on Christmas” playlist on Spotify.

Civil Disobedience on Christmas